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Hello- I am 19 years old and am about to start the LPN program at my local community college. I was also seriously considering in enrolling into a class to get my EMT license. My goal is to one day become a CRNA. I was wondering if any of you have went this route and if taking the EMT course could possibly increase my chances of one day be accepted to grad school. I am also somewhat worried. I recieved a B- in my Anat and Phys I class and I am most likely looking at a B or B+ in Anat and Phys II. Will this at all hinder my chances in being accepted. The way I see it you have to be a straight A student. Thanks for any feedback as I am really worried about this and need some insight from people who have already made it or are going through the process. All I can say, for those of you I have mentioned. JOB WELL DONE!

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