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hey everyone, this is my first post.

Im currently going to school in South Carolina and I plan to get all of my prerequisites done at the local community college. Does anybody know how many out of state students are excepted into Emory? Emory has been my dream school since I was 16 and I can't wait to move back to Atlanta. Also if anyone has any experience being an out of state student and got accepted, Id like to know more.


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I am out if state and applying to Emory fall 2013 BSN party

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That statistic is for the entering freshman class at Emory U, not the SON. However, it's probably similar. They do not give preference to Georgia residents, and there are quite a few international students accepted to the SON as well (from what I've seen in the past).


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I feel like I have a really great chance of getting accepted to their program but the I only factor I feel that would hold me back is finishing up pre requites right before the fall I hope I don't get wait listed . I have 5 class to complete next semester then my last 2 in the summer . I know they will accept students while courses are still in progress but I have more than a few but I have all As and 1b in what I have so far so hopefully after the semester ends and I send in my updated transcript that will influence them more to accept . My essay is really great and I really stressed to them how I would benefit the school and how the school would benefit me and how appreciative I would be to get accepted