Emergency Trauma


I am going back to school for my RN. Specialty is Trauma and Emergency Nurse.

I am seeking information that will assist me with my goal.

I have done some research and found out that most hospitals prefer RN that have there BSN.

I have to complete my prerequisites at De Anza College and transfer to San Jose State. The other option is to start at San Jose state and transfer to Los Angeles UCLA which I hear has a great Trauma Unit.

I have 12 years Medical Management. I graduated as a Medical Assistant in 1991 and have worked my way to the top as a Medical Office Manager. Still Looking for Work.

47 College units which is 71 college quarter units. Graduated 5/91 Certificate Medical Assistant III (Diploma)

I have found that I do have to repeat courses because my credits will not transfer but de anza has a accelerated course.

Also, note if you have any information that will help me in regards to getting a private loan or if you have any infor you can pass on that may help me. :}


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A couple of things-

Change your screen name to something anonymous. There are a lot of reasons to protect your identity on a public forum.

Next, it will be VERY difficult to get an emergency department job right out of school, regardless of your degree, but yes, they generally prefer a BSN. I have a BSN and a ton of prior medical experience, and it's still hard to get an emergency job or one in my other desired specialties. One thing that helps is certifications- ACLS, PALS, EKG, NRP, but CEN is the biggest one. You have to already have your RN to get your CEN, but look into it.

A few things in your post confuse me. What do you mean about transferring to UCLA, and them having a great trauma unit? What would your path be to UCLA? Can you clarify? Also, one does not simply "transfer" from school to some major teaching hospital trauma unit out of school. It's a big process, hopefully including a residency program as a route in.

Where did you do your medical assisting courses? Through a for-profit school?

The De Anza course- are you talking about a nursing program? What kind of "course?"

Private loans- AVOID AVOID AVOID. Do everything in your power to avoid these loans.

If possible, I would take a few more English courses. If you pursue your BSN, you'll have a lot of papers to write (you'll have them in an ADN program, too, but even more in a BSN program). Your grammar, spelling, and overall use of the English language are generally factored into your grades.

Good luck!