What is the difference between TCRN and TNCC?

  1. I just became TNCC certified. What's the difference between TCRN and TNCC? With my TNCC certification am I considered a "certified trauma Nurse"? Is it worth being my TCRN as well?
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  3. by   Bobjohnny
    TCRN is s specialty certification much like CEN, CPEN, etc. These specialty certifications are supposed to indicate that you've achieved an advanced level of competence in the specialty area. I can only speak specifically for the CEN as that is the only one I have, but the tests are fairly difficult. I think it shows a dedication to your profession. You also get to add more letters behind your name.

    TNCC is a class that provides education. That certification show that you have passed a class and should have a certain minimal level of competence related to the content of that course.
  4. by   Theloneskillet
    TNCC is not a certification, it is a course.

    TCRN is a certification that you take, that is administered by a 3rd party (much like when you took your Nclex). Professionally speaking, only certifications and degrees get added to your name. Courses don't.