what is a nurse practitioner?

  1. I know what a Physician's Assistant is and have been seen by one in a hospital several times, I'd like to know more about what a Nurse Practitioner does! I'm very much interested in nursing. I'd like to get my RN license but would eventually want to do more. Any NP's out there, let me know a typical day would like for you! Can you really have your own practice!!!
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  3. by   diane burt
    A nurse practitioner has more autonomy than a Physician's assistant. We can practice on our own in most states, write prescriptions without a physicians signature needed. We can order labs, xrays, special tests etc. It is a very exciting field. I hope this helps. We are Nurses first that go on to get a masters degree and further schooling for Nurse Practitioner. Then we must sit for national board certification. PA's are only a two year program scarey huh? Good luck!
  4. by   Erbn Girl
    Dear Diane: I did not realize that PA's only have to go to school for 2 years! Scarey isn't the word for it! I am in the midst of an RN-MSN-FNP program and yes I feel it is a very exciting field to get into also! Thanks for the info about the PA's!