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I am a recent graduate from nursing school and have my RN. I am currently continuing on with my bachelor's degree and working as a float nurse in the local hospital. My experience is limited at this... Read More

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    Originally posted by Cathy RN:
    Well it use to be a minimun of two years Nursing experience and you could be concidered. Now with the shortage you can go right into ER even the major trauma centers. They are in dire straights so many have put together clinical courses that they will put you in. Here it is a six week course followed by a clinical orientation. After that you can and should get your ACLS and Your PALS, TNCC is not always available, it is a very good basic course. I think if you do your senior practium in ER then you may just get to go right into this field. Smaller hospitals probably have lower acuity but often do not have the best education resourses. Staffing levels are lower as well and this may affect your orientation experience. If you apply ask about these things up front, if the education is there and the orientation is there go for it.
    I was very interested in your post as I am a soon-to-be new RN grad in Ontario and am interested in ER nursing. Do you know of any good hospitals in the Hamilton/Southern Ontario area to apply to when I graduate? I would appreciate any further info you can send me