What are your educational resources?

  1. I learn so much every time I log on here and browse the threads. I like the ER specialty forum, but learn a lot from the General Nursing discussions too. There is so much to learn in nursing, and so many things that you forget if you don't do them regularly. I learn something new every shift I work, and often find that something I read makes SO MUCH more sense if I've just recently experienced it at work...if I'd read it without having seen it at work, it wouldn't have sunk in as much, ya know?

    So I read a lot, I read here, I get a nursing magazine, I think it's Nursing 2007 (or is it RN 2007? can't remember, I just know it's a good general monthly publication). I just recently pulled out my Emergency Nursing textbook that I was given in orientation and have started reviewing some of those chapters too.

    So I was just wondering where everyone else goes to keep yourselves educated? Any other good sites you like, or good monthly magazines you subscribe to?

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  3. by   Rio
    Journal of Emergency Nursing www.ena.org