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Hi everybody:wavey: I had a weird code the other night and was curious if anyone has ever had the same thing happen. Or if anyone else wants to share another weird code story. Ambulance... Read More

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    Pt. was intubated by EMS while on scene. It was the five lead that showed flatline. Sorry, I can't remember what other drugs we pushed. I'm trying to find the chart.

    Yeah, maybe this wasn't the weirdest code 'ever' but it did freak the staff out for the night! Okay, anyone else have a story?
    Yes! I do. I posted about it a number of months ago when it happened. A woman who was full code despite end stage cancer (family couldnt let go) was being monitored by tele. Showing normal sinus but was found unresponsive and not breathing. Code was called, worked her for about 20 minutes, she remained without pulse or respirations (and funky monitor rhythms at this point) so death was called and five minutoes later when the tech and nurse went to bag her, she took a breath as they were preparing her body. Code was recalled and resident argued with the attending that we should continue because "she was breathing", attending shrugged his shoulders and let her run it for a few more minutes and then he finally called it.