Waiting Room Assesments

  1. do to our increasing waiting to be seen times, we need to reassess the people in th WR q1 hour after triage. Anyone have a policy on this? Who is responsible for this, and how do you do it? Just go from pt to pt and take vitals and talk to them , or do you have a specific area to call thm to? I work 3-1130, and most of the time triage is backed up. We cant triage pts in a timley manor, never mind trying to recheck pts we have already seeen.
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  3. by   Larry77
    q1hr?....yikes...we reassess q2hr but often times is just the EDT rechecking vitals.
  4. by   Jennifer, RN
    We revital q3hrs in the waiting room. Very difficult to do if there is only 1 nurse in triage with no assigned tech and 20 pts waiting to be triaged. We have great greeters though who will let us know if there is a change in a pt's status. We would drown without them.