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I am volunteering in the ED at a busy hospital. Is there anything that I should specifically NOT do. I do not want to piss the Nurses off, but don't want to stand around looking like a moron... Read More

  1. by   janony
    would that stuff be acceptable in the US? not a chance!! guess that's one benefit to being over there. :uhoh21:
  2. by   purplecotton
    Really..even if done under proper supervision? Okay..i'm a bit suprised. They are aware that it is their license at stake and i wouldn't do anything i don't feel 100% sure about. I mean i have done these procedures before volunteering as i was an employed RN before but just opted to volunteer because i want to give the ED a try and see just how different it is from the other areas of nursing. I am not looking for employee status because i am about to leave for the US and contracts here are at least 1 year and that is why i volunteered. But i must say that in a day, by the sheer number of patients that come in, a lot of procedures are performed over and over and over again and it really sharpens the nursing skills! Yes, i do admit that because resources are lacking, we learn to improvise but the downside is that "aseptic technique" is compromised. My first experience was in a private hospital and they are super careful about infection control and resources are plentiful. Imagine doing a bone marrow transplant in that kind of setting (dear me, the patient would never see it thru!). So would you say that these duties falls under the title of "trainee" over there in the US?