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  1. [FONT=Didot]Hello everyone, I am taking TNCC on monday and tuesday and I am really nervous bc I am not a good book reader comprehender. I could read it but it would take me a long time, as I do not have, but actual comprehension would not be real successful. I was wondering if anyone had a study guide they could email that helped them!!! Please help me!!!!!!! as this is how I am feeling right now!!!!!
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  3. by   Anna Flaxis
    I wouldn't go too in depth reading the book. I'd suggest skimming the chapters and hitting the main points. If the book is yours to keep, use a highlighter to highlight the major points. Anything you don't understand, go in and read up a little more on it.

    The Trauma Nursing Process is probably the main thing you'll need to focus on. The class should cover most of the material you'll need to be successful in taking both the written and practical portions of the test.

    It's kinda like ACLS. You've done that, right?
  4. by   ERnurse1983Ontario
    I've taken TNCC twice, and like the above suggestion, memorize the trauma process, your assessment, and the interventions associated with each step (i.e. for airway you are looking for blood, secretions and if present you suction. If they are an unconscious patient you insert an OPA). Apart from the trauma process there is no way to memorize the whole text chapters in that short of time. Read through each chapter once. Pick out important things like the burn fluid resuscitation formula, Cardiac tamponade triad, cushings triad, etc.
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  6. by   jsgero
    well it turns out my hospital does not have the budget for education right now so they pushed it back, more time!!!!!!! Yeah!!!! thanks all for the input. I was not asking for the test, I just know there are study guides which work better for me was just wondering how to get a hold of one.