Tips For New Grad ER Jobs - page 2

Hi all! In the next couple of weeks I plan to start getting in contact with some hospitals I'm interested in working for after I graduate, and I've got some questions for you before I start... Read More

  1. by   whichone'spink
    What sort of things gets new grads either "let go" or shipped off to Med-surg?
  2. by   emilyBABSNRN
    Quote from sabbady
    I can tell you that I am a med surg nurse with 3 years of experience, looking to get into the ED, so far without success. I don't like med surg and am pretty sure the ED is the right place for me. Everyone also told me that med surg would be a great first experience/foundation for the ED and what I am finding is that a lot of places will not hire me with this. Some of told me that tele is what I really need--one nurse recruiter said that I'd need at least 2 years tele experience to transition into their ED. So my suggestion, from a different experience perspective, is go for the ED--if one takes you or if you find one with the critical care course that takes new grads. I know that I am not giving up on this, as this is what I really want and have already put enough time into med surg.
    Dont feel too bad Sabbady, I have almost 2 years of experience in Tele and I cannot find an ER job either. It could just be related to the simple fact that right now a lot of expereinced nurses are looking for jobs. I was recently told that with my tele expereince I would be a better fit for their med/surg and not ER. I was pretty depressed by that. I guess even in the different specialties in nursing, it also is "who you know".