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Hey guys, I was just reading an old thread re new grads in the ed....I don't want to debate that, but was just wondering if anyone has any "What ever you do, DONT dos......." or other tips for us... Read More

  1. by   |nexus|
    Quote from newgrad2004
    I heard of a new grad not in ED but once being told pt couldnt swallow PO meds being told to push them thru "the tube". The new grad crushed them and pushed them thru the PICC line instead of the g-tube.
    That's horrifying!
  2. by   z's playa
    Quote from |nexus|
    That's horrifying!
    Ditto and I'm not even a nurse yet!
  3. by   JSB
    Quote from rjflyn
    You can take ACLS and PALS before you graduate but you will end up taking again as unless your licensed they cant certify you .
    I took ACLS before I graduated and was certified. But I do believe that ACLS means a lot more and makes a lot more sense after you have been working a little while and have seen a few codes. The people in my ACLS class who had not yet worked in the hospital (except clinical rotations) really had a hard time.