team nursing in an er

  1. ny suggestions welcomed. Bear in mind that in the UK this is a pretty novel idea and staff may well object to an infringement on their liberties - previously allowed to request off-duty . Writing a roster for 150 members of staff, manually is also a nightmare!!!
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  3. by   CHUBBY
    tim, be more specific about what you're trying to do. I thought some of your message was deleted. What is your ER staffing presently? Whats the layout of the department? The Acuity? The volume you see daily? Do you admit people to your ER? If so, what's involved in their care? There are tons of issues. The last (probably more important) is your departments attitude. It's gonna be a hard sell to a bunch of nurses who don't want to budge. Are you going to team nursing to cut back staff? Budget cuts? etc,etc