1. I was wondering if anyone had any information or opinions regarding SANE certification. I have always felt a draw towards forensics, and am always working for patient advocacy.

    I work in a pediatric ER, but have worked with pediatrics and adult inpatients in the past.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I would check with the IAFN for training opportunities in your area: International Association of Forensic Nurses

    It can be very rewarding work, but it can also drain you dry.
  4. by   nightbrightener
    I don't do it, many of my co-workers do. They generally last about 1-2 years before quitting. Many are messy he said/she said, psych issues, drug issues, behavioral issues, it can get exhausting for them. Also and this is per them, maybe 10-20% are "legit". I realize this is very loaded, hence me quoting. but many times they complete an exam which is at best "questionable" per them. In addition, often ADA's or DA's are disrespectful, refuse to prosecute, or their are other legal and procedural gripes that make them feel the job is not worth doing from a time and sanity standpoint. If your department has any nurses with this cert I would ask them since a huge component seems to be dependent on resources and departmental support as well. We act as a clearing house for SAFES from surrounding hospitals so see a fairly large amount, but don't do a great job supporting the SAFE nurses in my opinion.