Sacrifices for Freedom

  1. To all fellow nurses;
    I can't add anything to the grief already expressed. Words fail me. I, too, agree that we need to act quickly and harshly as a nation. I have shed tears for all involved in the crisis but I also shed tears for what is to come. I have three sons. Their ages are 17, 16, & 6. The two oldest have birthdays in November. They are both pre-enlisted in the armed forces. Do I want retribution? YES! Do I want accountability? YES! Do I want peace? YES! Do I want to give up my sons? What do you think? I ask everyone to pray not only for what has happened but for the sacrifices that are yet to come. I wish it was as simple as giving up my SUV and the luxuries I am accustomed to. It is not. I will stand proud of what my sons wish to do but I would gladly give my life for theirs. Please kiss your children; no one knows what we will be asked to give.
    I wish to issue a challenge to all who read this. I have contributed one shift's salary to the Red Cross Fund. It's not much but walls are built one brick at a time. Please think about doing the same. May God bless us all.
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    I understand............and will consider the same.

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