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    What roles do nurses play in the ER?
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  3. by   kidnurse24
    lol! what role do nurses not play in the er
  4. by   tubbs
    Well, i'm a new grad in the ER as well as new member to this forum and i hope my inexerience in both doesn't reflect adversely. Before the MD even lays eyes upon my patient i have already set the plan of care into motion. My assessment is as thorough as possible in each situation because i know that the docs rely on my skills to help bail them out when the s___ hits the fan. I start ivs, order labs, perform ekg's, obtain and review old records, and send patients to x-ray depending on the event sometimes before reporting to a physician (when busy). If i had bothered waiting until a doc could see my patient, nothing would get done efficiently. Having said this there is a chance for a missed opportunity. As a nurse, my "gut" tells me a lot. IF my gut and physical assessment don't jive, the MD is going to know quickly before i do anything further. You see, ED nurses sometimes become weathered and get tunnel vision awfully quick. This is when patients suffer. So to answer your question, nurses do a lot to set the plan of care in motion before the doc see's them, but should also be cautious. After all i see my self as a detective; i must get all the information i can before presenting my case to the very, very busy physician. Hope this helped. BY the way, i think the best nurse-physician relationships are demonstrated in the ED>
  5. by   kaycee
    The role of a ER nurse can be IV team, respiratory therapy, tech, secretary, dietary, housekeeping, social worker, case manager, babysitter, referee, and MD. We are the world!
  6. by   bear glacier
    task master.
  7. by   massEDgirl
    WOW a new grad in the ER I think you explained things just wonderful!!........want to come work in MA??
  8. by   Lilith
    I also am a new grad ED nurse in MA. If you don't mind, I am curious where in MA you are working? I am in Western MA.