1. Need a little help here please.

    I currently work in a metropolital area ER with 27 beds. We are in the process of building a brand new ER (new building and all) which will have about 35 beds.

    What would entice you to leave your current job and take a new one? We will be hiring unit clerks, registrar's, techs, nurses, NP's etc.

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  3. by   NurzofFaith
    Hi I thought I would jump in an add my thoughts!

    I am a nursing student and also work as a tech. I work on a cardiac floor at a hospital in southwestern IL.

    I would say that for me personally since I attend school, flexibility would be important for me to start a new job (your ER for example) I would think a through orientation, since I have only floated to an ER once, I think knowing what my responsibilities are would be important. Pay is also important, I would want my pay matched, I'd like to make the same as I am making now or more

    Just a few thoughts. If I were done with school and was a RN I would want an internship in the area that would prepare me to be on my own, of course as a new never are quite prepared for the real world.