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I am a new nurse. I graduated in May 2006 took my boards and started working in the ER soon after. I personally do not think working in the ER is rocket science. I don't know it all and I am not... Read More

  1. by   jenniferclare
    what wonderful advice... and I *absolutely* agree that people treat you the way YOU ALLOW THEM TO. Hang in there!! I'm still in NS, but the ER is where I want to be, and I'm already trying to prepare myself for what life is like as a new ER nurse.

    Quote from NREMT-P/RN
    People treat you they way that you allow them to. Do not allow this secretary to treat you this way ever again. Tell her your expectations and then follow policy if she continues to be abusive.

    It took some work, but I vowed that I would not work in any environment that left me in tears! I may shed a few from the occasional heartbreak that I witness, but I'll not be reduced to tears from other staff. No exceptions!

    Vow to start today - I WILL NOT ALLOW MYSELF TO BE TREATED IN A MANNER THAT IS UNPROFESSIONAL/RUDE/DISRESPECTFUL BY ANYONE. I do not treat people poorly and expect the same. Include everyone: RN, MD, TECH, AIDE, SECRETARY, PATIENT, FAMILY, ADMINISTRATION. This takes some practice and will test your ability to control your emotions, responses, reactions and diplomacy. Worth it! - If you plan on staying in this field.

    * First, patient care will not suffer because the "order" does not get put in before the labs/medications are given. I would never delay necessary care until I had the order in the computer.
    * Second, the secretary seems to be "pushing" you. Bottom line - It is HER job to put in orders! I can/will put "orders" in when I NEED to, but I will care for my patients first. But, her JOB is one of administrative task support. I'm all for being nice, but nice doesn't seem to be working for you here. Actually, its kinda working against you!

    No discussion on what you are doing or what she is doing (but you can bet that if her cell phone use and recreational reading are interfering with her ability to do her job, it would simply be a WRITTEN administrative issue - EVERY TIME if necessary).

    YOU: "There are some orders on this chart that need to be placed in the computer."
    Simple. Direct. No further conversation necessary - you may thank her when you get the chart back if you want.

    This secretary chose this method with her prior communication/issues with you. There is NEVER a good reason for the treatment that has been heaped on you.

    As to your practice of trying not to delegate. I felt the same way at first and found myself near drowning at times. Now, when I work, I work on team building! Patients always benefit!

    And I always let my "team" know just how valuable they are!

    It is a tough job and I admire your fortitude taking on the ED as a new nurse. It does get easier, hang in there!