questions to ask at ER interview

  1. im interviewing tomorrow for a new job in an ER. i have two years previous ER experience...i'm moving to a new state as well. i was trying to compile a list of questions for my interviewer/manager. can anyone add to the list i already have? i want to make sure i cover all of my bases. thank you all so much!!!

    * Nurse to patient ratio
    * Autonomy
    * How many patients see per year? Month? Day?
    * Holding hours/admissions?
    * Report to floor
    * Fast track? Hours?
    * How many MD's on?
    * Charge nurse
    * Triage- primary & secondary? Wait times? Triage protocols?
    * Bonus/moving relocation
    * Differential
    * Shift/hours
    * Staff Meetings
    * Orientation time?
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  3. by   newfloridaRN
    anyone? please? its getting close to crunch time!
  4. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    You have covered quite a bit already.

    ? education monies for certifications held (ie: TNCC, PALS, ACLS, APLS, ENC) to name a few

    ? education days paid or renumeration for attending education seminars

    ? who evaluates your orientation

    ? what is the time frame of your orientation and are you with the same mentor throughout to assist with continuity of your adaption to the unit

    Bonne chance

  5. by   needsmore$
    Mandatory overtime?
    On call?
    Documentation style-computer-paper- T notes?
    type of pt's you may see- trauma facility? alot of peds? Rural or inner city?
    Shifts--flexible scheduling -rotating- 12 hrs vs 8 hrs-
    Weekend schedule?
    Holiday coverage?
    How are nurses assigned to areas- how much experience do you need before sent to triage, or rotate to charge?
    Do you utilize ED techs- if so- how?

    Investigate the orientation period thoroughly---this could make or break a new hire-it is your first impression of the ED and it's staff- what is the trainer like--how long is orientation and do you have to be certain hours for a certain amt of time for training ?( this could be problematic if you're looking for nights and are expected to do up to 3 months on days)
    What kind of prior experience do you have- monitors? critical care? ED? Medsurg?. Can you start IVs or do you need training- if so- these are items that need to be addressed as to how will you obtain this education. Do you have ACLS/PALS? Trauma ed? NRP?
    I train many new/seasoned ED staff and there's nothing more frustrating than having a new hire do their 3 day hospital orientation- come to the ED and then tell me that they can only do 1 more week of day shift because of other obligations (day care-school, SO's job, etc). The educator than has to try to juggle a new hire with varied clinical staff who may not be the best preceptors but are the only ones available ...
    This frustrates the new hire as they get a sporadic orientation with staff that are trying to do their patients and teach at the same time--
    Good luck