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What would your ER do about a 13 year old child brought in to the ER for difficulty breathing, but the episode is over before she can get to the ER? My daughter has recently started having episodes... Read More

  1. by   mailners
    Due to the several other occurances and your daughter's age I tend toward the anxiety theory. However, you should be consulting your primary care physician rather than an ER nurse board. Asking RN's for diagnosis, etc is a laibility issue in ways. I have seven children and can offer non medical observations that all of my children have more "going on" than I could have dealt with. Thirteen is a time of extreme changes socially, biologically, and developmentally. We should pray (any religion/sacred kitchen appliance of your choice) for kids in todays world. Please note that this ER nurse does not attach deep psychological problems to anxiety attacks nor do I believe them to be ridiculous "just in your head" "get over it" complaints. They are very real and scary to those having one. I try relaxation therapy also known as lamaze breathing wiht great success. I still believe as I emphasize to ALL patients, "Any ongoing medical complaints need to be addressed by your primary care physician to avoid your care being fragmented and below your expectations and needs."

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