People I'm thankful for...

  1. I know there've been threads on who makes our job harder, things that drive us bananas and Lord knows I've posted on all of 'em.. but with the insane shifts I've had lately, where I haven't peed til I got home, didn't drink even a sip of water....It dawned on me that there are folks who've gone out of their way to help too - so here's my list - please add to it!

    1. Thank you CT tech. You brought back a patient from CT AND picked up the next one for me because you knew I was busy.

    2. Thank you med-surg nurse upstairs who told me "don't worry bout it, I'll take care of the diaper, just get her up here and I'll take care of everything - you're swamped!" I could have KISSED this nurse (and did give her a hug later).

    3. Thank you RT for coming right back down when I needed you even though you'd just walked out of the ER for the 75th time.

    4. Thank you ER tech for helping me stabalize a serious patient from FR for 1.5 hours while the doc was tied up in another code. That patient ended up doing really well and it couldn't have happened without you!

    5. Thank you other ER nurse who took it upon yourself to watch my other 4 patients while I was dealing with #4.

    6. Thank you Intake for believing me and coming to get this psychotic patient quickly, even though you'd just gotten 2 on suicide watch and were really busy yourselves.

    7. Thank you doc of my admitted hold patient for calling me right back and giving me what I needed, even though you're on-call and have been called and woken up 15 times tonite.

    8. Thank you lab for zipping over to the ER to help get labs on an impossible stick.

    9. Thank you nursing supervisor for raiding dietary when they're closed to get me some boxed lunches for hungry irate people at 2am, even though you have 3 decompensating new grads upstairs on the floor, they're short staffed and you've been up there putting out fires every 30 seconds.

    10. Thank you to ALL the departments and other nurses when they say "we saw all the rescues in the bay as we were coming in and we know you're swamped... don't worry, we'll help!"

    Bless ALL these people!
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  3. by   Medic/Nurse
    Thanks for the great post.

    I have always tried to remember and give kudos to all ... I'm printing your post to give others (and myself) perspective when the going gets tough ..

    We gotta keep the...



    Let me add:
    Patient Registration: They keep the info in, the process moving and the wheels stay on the bus - ALL thanks to the admin folks.

    Patient Transport: They really keep things moving.

    Dietary: For ALWAYS making sure that my patients and families have something to eat/drink. Basic comfort, but essential and goes a LONG way in compassionate care. I've even had them make a nice tray of sandwiches, chips and drinks for my staff if we are just slammed!

    Security: You keep us all safe and I know that my job would be impossible without YOU!

    Fire/EMS: For all that have when came when called to lend a hand or "stayed and played" when we are in the middle of certain chaos and destruction - your help is beyond appreciated! You guys are HEROES!

    To my EMT's and Paramedics: There are not words that can convey just how THANKFUL I am for all of you. You have saved me and others so many times that the ordinary for so extraordinary for ALL. I am BLESSED and HUMBLED to be in your company!

    Stay SAFE! And don't wait...LEt those you are THANKFUL for know it. START TODAY and lets pass it AROUND!
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  4. by   ItsyBitsySpider
    I'm thankful for the one tech that works with four nurses and runs all day...

    I'm also thankful for the security officers who find us wheelchairs when we need them..

    I'm thankful for the nursery nurses who come down in 10 minutes to try to get a line on a dry 2 week old that we've already stuck 3 times...

    I'm thankful for our MD's that order us pizza and get patients drinks, sheets, pillows, do their own throat swabs, find their own sterile gloves, call lab when they are waiting for results...

    I'm thankful for our clerks that attempt to pacify the sometimes hostile patients in the waiting area by explaining how busy we are, putting on movies, etc...

    I'm thankful for our NM who is there when we need her and who sticks up for us always...

    I'm thankful for the housekeepers that come in smiling and get their work done despite having to dodge all of us and never telling us we're in their way...

    I'm thankful for the patients that say thank you, and mean it...