Ontario hospitals which hire new grads?

  1. Hi!
    Does anyone know of any hospitals in Hamilton, Ontario or Southwestern Ontario that hire new grads in the ER with a really good orientation for them? Any info and/or advice on this would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   liliana
    Dear Tanya,
    you sound like somebody who is enthusiastic and willing to learn. I am
    sure you will find a ER manager willing to
    give you a chance.As a ER nurse and a manager
    I would advise you to be innovative and original.
    Try St.Joseph's Health Centre in Hamilton, The
    Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga or
    St.Michael's Hospital in Toronto. But go there with the plan.Be prepared to challenge the traditional hiring procedure. Have a proposal ready indicating what are you going to do to facilitate accelerated specialty training and
    combine this with the hospitals orientation program. Good Luck!
  4. by   tanyalawrence
    Thanks so much for your reply! No one has ever mentioned that idea to me. It's a great idea, I'll definitely do that. I'm planning to get as many extra courses as possible, hopefully before I graduate in 2003 ie: BTLS, PALS, ATLS, so that I'll be a little more prepared by the time pre-grad comes around. I've already got venipuncture skills and I volunteer at St. John's Ambulance, so with fingers crossed and with lots of luck, who knows? I might just be OK!!
    Thanks again,