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  1. I posted this on the general discussion board but didn't get any responses.

    I missed my ACLS recert yesterday and I expire this month. No wet noodles please, I've already flogged myself with the dry ones. I found an online recert site, but how do I get the skills stuff taken care of? I couldn't find the answer on the site.
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  3. by   vamedic4
    HI Tazzy...
    I went to and they have an "online" ACLS class like you mentioned above. The catch is that you have to go out on your own and find an ACLS instructor to validate your skills. If you know any, this would be very easy to do. They fill out a form and send it in so that your new card can be ordered.

    Hope this helps!!

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  4. by   TazziRN
    Oh, that's easy, I can get our ed dept to do that. Thanks!