One RN on nights-new grad

  1. I work in a small ED, a small hospital owned by a much larger conglomerate where we are the step-children.Normally there are 2 RN's on nights with 1 doc. Two RN's left in August, leaving me there with floats and agency. I signed forms to transfer to PACU in August and have been awaiting the hiring of my replacement (eagerly!).They finally hired someone, with the intent of going down to one RN with supervisory back-up.Problem is, she's a new grad with NO EXPERIENCE and will need extensive orientation. Why they didn't hire an experienced RN with this plan in mind is beyond me (as usually if the ED is busy the house is busy as well. ) I see transferring to PACU somewhere around, oh, say Easter. I'm very disappointed and not getting alot of feedback from administration or my charge nurse. Any feedback from you guys?
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  3. by   CHUBBY
    Unfortunately, you're between a rock and a hard place. You would have done better to resign completely-give your 4 four weeks notice and be gone. Obviously, the people in charge have no problem with hiring a new RN to work solo in an ER- what's worse- she/he sees no problem with it either (provided they've let that person know they will be the only RN). Looks as though you're going to be there 'til Easter- because you can't transfer in-house unless you've been "relinquished" by the department you're from.
    It seems as though the "new" trend is to replace older, experienced people with new grads or someone with no experience- they're cheaper to hire, aren't as disgruntled, they don't remember the way nursing USED to be before DRG's< ICD-9, HMO's etc.,
    Sorry, I can't offer any solution other than hang in there- I know a few ex-ER people who now do PACU and love it.
  4. by   Toots
    Your situation sounds potentially dangerous to you and your patients. You didn't say how many patients you see in a year or how many beds, but ER nursing is such that you can't possibly have experienced everything in a short period of time. Hopefully your flex and agency RNs are well experienced, but a new Grad makes mistakes because she's new. Does the new grad know she's going to be pretty much solo? What about enlisting the MDs that you work with? Are they comfortable with a new grad nurse? It's crummy being stuck in your present job, but my sympathy is with the new grad coming on.
    Good luck.