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Just wondering what sort of nurse:patient ratio hospitals are working with. I'm only new in an aussie metropolitan ED and find my patient load varies from 5 to 8, in our acute section. What are... Read More

  1. by   LerRN95
    [. Who is the triage nurse? ME
    Who takes the cardiacs?ME Who takes the GI bleeds?ME. WhO Takes care of the phych case who is threatenining everyone, well I hope I get the haldol there fast enough.. Now the Amb is back with the last patient who seems to have more etoh and other drug problms than cardiac. My tech gets off at 11, now it is just me to deal with these first patients that have been waiting for four hours to be seem for that sore throat they
    have had for three week,]

    This sounds so much like my ER. I am the only RN for the twelve hours shift. I either have an LPN or Paramedic to assist eight of those hours. I AM the triage nurse, ER Ward Clerk, Housekeeping, respiratory, pharmacist, nursing assistant, baby sitter, radio operator, .... the list goes on.
  2. by   CEN35
    omg!!!!!! you need to bring this up to administration......let them kow you are only one person....and ask them? is a $40,000 a year salary, worth a multi-million dollar law suite? i have never been able to figure it out?

  3. by   franklin
    i'm from ASIA.our hospital has 1500 bed capacity.Our E.D. averages about 180 consults per day,the acute care unit alone ave. 90/day.We have 9 rn per shift.We call our E.D. disaster area,primarily because of total number of consults,most of them trauma of all kinds.You dont have to believe me,but i assure you we are still alive,atleast for the moment.