No certifications for A.D. grads

  1. I'm really disgusted at the relatively recent decision that denies associate degree R.N.'s the ability to attain certain specialty certifications like CCRN, CEN, etc. Let's face it folks--these certifications have always been predicated on one's ability to successfully pass the exams; and that ability is directly related to how one has assimilated the lessons of years of clinical experience and pursued further education after graduating from nursing school. It has nothing to do with a bachelor's degree. This, to me, is a direct insult to all of us in "the trenches" who have demonstrated, day in and day out (or night in and night out!) our clinical expertise and knowledge base. And you know what? For any of us who are getting tired of long hours, low pay, crazy schedules, higher risks in an increasingly violent population, and a corporate philosophy of "do more with less", this just fuels the fire to leave the profession completely. Which is a shame, because I, for one, have always really liked what I do, but there seems to be a trend of diminishing returns these days, and many of us are getting fed up with it. I fear the next nursing shortage is going to be really horrific, both for those of us who choose to remain, and for the patients who will not get the care they deserve. Administrative decisions like this certification issue just hastens the meltdown.


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  3. by   LRichardson

    this rumor went around our unit last year... the cause of the misunderstanding is that SOME not all "specialty" certifications changed their policy.. i can't remember the name of the organization they're all under but the "Medical/Surgical Certification" is one of them... HOWEVER, CCRN and CEN do NOT require a BSN... you can visit their websites to check for youself... and (?).. or call them and ask (as my nurse manager did)... although they might move in that direction there are no PLANS currently to change the requirement to BSN...

    Not that this changes the point of your post.. but wanted to make sure the record was set straight about CCRN and CEN.. the basic requirement is to be licensed as a Registered Nurse + all the other rigamaroll!
  4. by   CEN35
    You currently do not need a BSN or MSN for the CCRN or CEN.
    The people responsible for the change in the certification requirements that you are referring to are the, ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center). This change occured in 1998. Which required nurses to have a BSN. However, ADNs with certification could keep them. The certifications involved are: General Nursing Practice, med-Surg Nurse, Geriatric Nurse, Pediatric Nurse, Perinatal Nurse, College Health Nurse, School Nurse, Community Health Nurse, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse, Nursing Continuing Education/staff Development, Home Health Nurse, Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse, Nursing Administration, for CNS (Clinical Nurse Specialist).
    I agree it is total BS!!!! I have met ADN, BSN and MSN nurses in the field. There is no pattern to who is a good nurse and who is a bad nurse. I've met BSN and MSNs that I wouldn't let touch me with a ten foot pole!!! I've seen ADN's that are the greatest and smartest nurses in the world. This is in no way meant to put down higher educated people. It goes both ways, but this is a perfect example of why it is BS. The people that make these decisions, obviously do not work in the field. They have not a clue!!! It's unfortunate that people like this sit on boards that make these kinds of decisions. If aomeone with a lesser degree can pass a test, doesn't that prove their intellegence? The whole purpose of testing, is to show that one has the knowledge and ability to perform competently in a certain setting. All it does is limit the number of competent and intellegent people, that can take their test and pass. This tells me that they just want to outright discriminate against others. If I worked where I thought those certs would benefit me, I would not hesitate to take them to court over it. It is outright discrimination.
    I'm glad I went straight to work in the ER. Because their certifications are meaningless to me.


  5. by   Canrckid

    I'm a CCRN, here in So. California....I have not heard of this! How did it come about? If true, it s**ks! I'm in 100% agreement with you, and I have my BSN!