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OK, after 7 months of a job I hated on a respiratory/GMF floor, I took a part time job at a much smaller, less prestigious hospital ED. I took a part time job in anticipation of our Eastern European... Read More

  1. by   TinyNurse
    Ask lots of questions.... and if you have time later ask more questions of your preceptor.
    another thing....Tell your preceptor " I can do this. Just stand back and watch." ( if you are comfortable with it that is)
    3 weeks in orientation isn't that much.... so don't worry. You will catch on and soon be able to be "doing" instead of "watching"
    "watching" is a good thing. Just be sure you know "why" and "how" things were done. ( ask later if need be)
    I know towards the end of my new grad orientation my preceptor said to me. "ok i'm gonna stay in the background and you just do it!" That gave me ALOT of confidence.
    Still to this day almost a year after graduation my preceptor is still there for me!! if i have questions or something i've not done before or even for something i've only "seen" done.
    a good preceptor along with you asking questions means alot!!
    Best of luck in the ER!!!!