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  1. I too am an emergency department anthusiast as one can tell from my posting. I wanted to find out if I had what it takes, so I volunteered at the local ER. I helped and learned for 4hrs. every friday night, for 2 yrs. It was the most worth-while experience of recent years, and it also confirmed the thoughts of whether or not I should or should not. Now I am a senior in nursing school and I am getting all the certs and experience I can. I am also thankful for the advice coming from this web site, it has been reaffirming what I am already doing.
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  3. by   TMP
    I am a new nursing student who needs to know how to go about getting her foot in the door. Would it be advisable to get an EMT liscence? If so how do I go about it. I would like to get some good experience in the Emergency department, so I can find out if this is the field I really want to go into. Can anyone suggest any classes, or programs to get into while I am also taking 16 credit hours of school? I would really appreciate it. My e-mail address is Thanks,
  4. by   KR
    Hello fellow nursing student. I am a freshman nursing student and an EMT. I am also interested in a career in Emergency nursing. I would be interested in hearing any information that you got. If you or anyone else has encountered any tips feel free to email them to me at Thank you very much.
    Kimberly Rush