New Nurse Tech in the ER, I would like some advice

  1. Hi all, I am a new Nurse Tech in the ER. My position allows me to do all of the things that I have checked off on in Nursing School. Along with that I must do the Tech duties (changing sheets, taking specimens to the lab, etc.). The people who are precepting me are all basic EMTs so they are not able to do a lot of the things that I have checked off on.

    My problem is, I feel like the nurses don't want to give me the opportunities to do things. When ever I see someone getting ready to start an IV (which is the only thing I have seen done that is a "skill" I can do, we are a pretty slow ER unfortunately(fortunately? LOL) I can ask them if I can try it but a lot of the nurses seem to just want to get it done instead of letting me try. One nurse said, "sure go do it" but geez I am still really new and may need some guidance, KWIM?

    So, I can do lots of skills (have a big list but the main things we do are splint, foleys, and IVs) and I understand if the person has one good vein that the nurse will want to do it but I feel like they aren't really giving me a chance. So, how do you, as nurses, feel when a new tech approaches you to do a new skill? Is there a way that is better than others to approach them besides "hey can I try that?".

    I mentioned really briefly to my boss and she said just tell them, "hey I want to do that" but I feel like a lot of the nurses aren't really receptive to me yet because I am new. Should I just give it time or what? Any advice will be really appreciated!!
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  3. by   pgrsctrn2be
    I for one have always liked to work with new nurses. (Was an LPN for 12 yrs, finised RN and waiting to take boards now). Unless like you said only one good vein I would allow the newbie to have a try at it, with the patients okay of course. Our local ER has great nurses that work with the students (nurses and EMS) so that when we are on our own they know we are ready.Now I'm hoping the floor nurses are the same with newbies as I just started my new RNA job this week and have so much to learn!

    Good luck in the ER!
  4. by   ang75
    I am sorry your new start is beginning much more difficult then it should be. I love working with newbies-whatever position they are filling.

    How about if at the start of your next shift, you approach a nurse or the charge nurse and say "I am supposed to be practicing my IV starts. Would you mind if I started some today?" And"If you could walk me through it, or just be there if I have questions, I would appreciate it"
    Just an idea.
    Hope things look up for you, and welcome to the ER. It is sink or swim, so make sure you jump in with both feet!
  5. by   SWFlorida
    I've noticed in some of the slower ER's that many nurses will suffer from the Martyr syndrome, where no one can do it as well as they can. Sometimes they just dont want to give up that little bit of territory that they may have. Some times they may also just not trust the newbie on the block quite yet. Your best bet is to be patient, be available and do your job to the best of your ability. Everything in life takes a bit of time. It's usually not that they have an evil plot to keep you personally out of the action. Seek out one of the older nurses. Tell her of your concerns (but for Gods sake dont come across whiney) and ask what would be the best steps to remedy the situation. She will know the staff and be able to guide you further. In general what happens is that she will approach the staff to help you out a tad bit. Everything comes in time.
  6. by   veetach
    we dont have "nurse techs" , and our ED techs perform non-invasive duties only. BUT If I had an opportunity to let a new nurse practice skills, then I am all for it. I love having orientees on the shift because in my opinion every opportunity to learn or practice something new, is an opportunity to strengthen self confidence and help build a great nurse. We have a couple of RN students who work in registration, and if something unusual comes in, we always go and get them so that they can at least observe. Maybe its just because we are so busy that we always welcome an extra hand. LOLOLOL

    I am sorry that your RN's are resisting your help. Its their loss..