Needing Advice From Er Rn's

  1. I currently work on a med surg floor. My desire has been to work in ICU. I don't see an ICU site, so want to ask all of you, what do feel are the most important things to know before working in an ER or ICU? I would think they are somewhat similar areas in that you end up with the sickest patients. The codes seem to come from those two departments at least 90% of the time where I work. Now that is something I really dread. I've not been in a code since nursing school where I got to do compressions on a patient they pretty much knew was gone, but hey, the ER staff really got me involved and it was great experience. My thought is to know cardiac and respiratory more than anything else. What do you suggest I highlight on now to prepare for a transition I hope to make in six months or so? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks.
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  3. by   ERNurse752
    Check out this website...lots of good information, and a guy from this BB started it:

    The most important things to know...I would say having great assessment skills, good gut instincts, and attention to detail are needed in ICUs and ERs. In a nutshell.

    Cardiac, respiratory, and don't forget neuro...ACLS...and don't get too caught up in looking at monitors and forget to actually look at the patient.

    Good luck and have fun!
  4. by   KatieBell
    There is actually an ICU area- look under Critical Care.

    ED sees the sickest patients, and all the rest as well!

    For ICU- best to get certified with ACLS, take an ekg interpretaton class, and see if there are any classes on hemodynamic monitoring. Possibly- if you have some spare cash- join Am. Association of critical care nurses...
    Best wishes