mandated New years

  1. Yes, our PM shift if also mandated to stay until at least 12:30AM on New Years Eve. I don't mind - hopefully it will be a time to just wait around (on the clock!) and talk. After midnight hits and no major catastrophies occur we'll all be able to go home!
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  3. by   CHUBBY
    Well, we got our schedules and it looks as though the entire 3-11 shift is mandated til 2a.m. Is anyone else being held captive on 12/31?
  4. by   TraumaNurse30
    None of the staff in my ED have been mandated to work New Years Eve, but our VP mandated that all management would be there. Even our Director. I don't really mind though. It gives me a chance to do some patient care for a change.
  5. by   walkaway
    yes at a june staff meeting it was annouced that all managers would be in house till 0200 if all was normal. at an oct. meeting it was announced that all 3-11 personel would be required to stay till 0030 if all was well.
    Our staffing is being beefed up for the expected onslaught of partiers left over from the "Block Parties" in the Metro Phoenix Area.