Making the switch?

  1. Hey everyone...I am a somewhat new grad...have been working for 3 years in an NICU which is where I did my practicum....I am starting to become really bored with my unit and tired of the politics...I really need a change n feel I am stuck in a also interested in L&D or Emerg nursing but the thought of caring for an adult freaks me out...anyone make a transition this big before? Any advice....could I even do it?
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  3. by   ERRNTraveler
    I worked in Peds before I switched to ER, so taking care of "big" people kind of freaked me out, too! EKG interpretation scared me (not too many peds patients having heart attacks), and I thought a 20g IV was HUGE! When I switched, my employer put me through an EKG interpretation class, so I have no problem with that anymore, and I have no problem with large bore IV's anymore (now I think a 20g is kind of small!). It's a big adjustment, but it will get easier with time. As a bonus, when we do get peds patients, I'm one of the "go-to" people in the ER for difficult peds IV starts, etc....
  4. by   BriBriRN
    Well, hon....that made me laugh!!!! Going to the Ed the one thing that freaked me out was kids!! I was a tele Nurse so EKG is my thing....we all have our strengths...go with yours. They could use you in the Ed. :spin: