LPN's in ED

  1. In a rural 7 bed ED, there is no dedicated triage RN or front-line triage room. It's 1 RN and 1 LPN. The RN is triage, primary, etc. Visits approx 5700 annually. What are thoughts on LPN staff in ED? Difficult complying with RN only triage, documentation, etc.
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  3. by   errn7
    ** wonders what it would be like to see only 20pts aday.....**

    I work in a local community ER with 13beds and annual average 36/38K pts seen. We have had LPN's on and off through out my 9yrs there. Up until the last few years it wasnt a big deal they worked side by side doing anything that needed to be done. Now, however, for whatever reason, if you are an LPN you must be in school for your RN degree and you have limitations as to triage and some IV push medications....
    My personal opinion is that if you can do the job and work together then I dont see a problem. Most LPN's I have worked with have been great team players....
  4. by   teeituptom
    I remember working one country hospital with a total of 24 beds, 2 were dedicated ICU beds. Only one RN in house at a time, the rest were LVNs. The RN was responcible for everything. The floor, The ICU, The ER, L and D, OR, and pharmacy as well. I remember learning so much there. Didnt have a MD or DO in house all the time. Only when needed. Lots of fun, lots of freedom.

    Cant do that today
  5. by   mommatrauma
    We use LPN's in our fast track...What an asset...No reason to tie up an RN for easy in and out stuff...The rare occasion that someone need something IV push, an RN will go over and do it, short of that, the LPNs are extremely self sufficient and do their own patient care...