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  1. i am a govt emt and we are having a tough time with the nurses wanting us to do most of the triage. the paramedics and emt triage and a nurse asigns a triage code and signs the form. Is this leagl? we tell them that JCAHO requires nurses to triage and they disagree. can someone email me with the site that i can find this information
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  3. by   Larry77
    In our facility (non-gov), the initial assessment must be completed by an RN but often times the tech's do the vitals and start the chart before the nurse actually sees the pt.
  4. by   Jennifer, RN
    Our techs will triage a pt, i.e vital signs, complaint, allegies/meds, and put pt in computer. The RN must assess the pt and assign an acuity to that pt. Thank God for our techs!!!