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I posted an intro in the wrong forum earlier; I think I'm figuring my way around here! I'm Tazzi, long-time ER nurse in the Monterey County area of California. Work in a rural ER where I sometimes... Read More

  1. by   shelleybelle

    I'm new here, too so here's some stuff about me!

    I'm a nursing student... this is a second career for me. The first one didn't work out too well Nahhh.. it was ok, but I was ready for a change - well... losing my job didn't help matters any! So after much prayer, here I am! I graduate from LPN school in July and start my RN courses in August. I'm a single mom, so going to school FT and living off grants, scholarships & child support was a huge leap of faith for me. It was also the best decision I've ever made.

    I live in a small town just outside of Mobile, AL and attend MS Gulf Coast Community College. My son is 5yrs old and way too cute. I'm engaged to be married at some point in the current calendar year to the sexiest, sweetest guy on earth He is currently on active duty w/the US Army. Thankfully, he isn't in Iraq, he returned from Afghanistan in Dec., so hopefully he's gonna stay right here in the good ole USA

    Anywho... I've had a great time since I've discovered this lil place while frantically searching for care plans Everyone has been really sweet! Thanks!!
  2. by   mother/babyRN
    Happy to "meet" you...You will be well treated here....Enjoy!