Interview next week!!!!!

  1. This is probaly the wrong area to post this, but just wanted to let ya'll know I have an interview next week in Canton at Mercy Medical Center. It's not in the ED, but on a telemetry , which is where I worked before. Am so looking forward to working again. :smiley_aa Can you tell I'm psyched? Not even thinking about not getting the position, convinced I will. Positive attitude, right? Any info about the facility would be appreciated.
    Also, spoke with our local EMS director today, filled out an application. He said he has two spots to fill, but thinks he already has them filled. But, he remembered me from my ride along time during school. Positively remembered me , if I am any judge of character/body language. So I am hoping, fingers crossed. Wish me luck?
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  3. by   josie1
    Good Luck! Sounds like you have it in the bag! Do let us know how it went!
  4. by   RNtigerEMT
    My interview went great!!!!!!!!! I go back Monday for a peer interview, met at least 2 of the people I'll be talking with today while I was job shadowing. made for a long day though, doing the job shadow. Interview at 1330 with HR, 1430 interviewed with floor manager, job shadowed until 1700. In heels no less! They asked if I would be ok in my heels and I said sure, not a prob. Wasn't really expecting to shadow today, so off I went in dress clothes and heels.
    Anyway, just an update, will know for sure after Monday, but am feeling pretty confident.