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Hello everyone :-) I enjoy reading the posts here and sounds like ER nursing is exciting. I have been working in Neuropsychiatry as a new RN for 3 months now and quite frankly, I'm getting bored. ... Read More

  1. by   YOGI_NAMASTE
    Thanks to you all for your encouragement. I really want to be an ER Nurse and so I will inquire for the above certifications I need to take and speak to the Manager in our hospital ER. I feel a lil bit bored in Psych. Ciao :-)
  2. by   YOGI_NAMASTE
    One more it smart to take the ACLS and PALS even before I apply for an ER position? What books can I read to give me a good knowledge about ER Nursing?
  3. by   healingtouchRN
    sweetie, just take ACLS & apply for the job, OJT (on the job training) is how to get your best nurses! The other stuff can come later. I know cuz that is how I did it (7 years in ER).
  4. by   YOGI_NAMASTE
    Would you experienced ER Nurses ever work in ICU again? Just curious of the differences of those two careers. Thanks.
  5. by   healingtouchRN
    I do now. I spent 7 years in CCU (right out of BSN program) then did some moonlighting in the ER because I liked the staff. Then when I had become burned out in CCU one of my ER friends recruited me to come to her ER @ another sister facility in town, so I transfered there for 7 years. I have since transfered to CCU @ another sister facility (big system) in town, different from where I started but with about 1/3 of the staff that I worked with a few years ago. My 1st hospital was closed down as the city moves east....But I am pleased right now where I work. Some things about ER I miss, but the same is true for CCU. I felt I was loosing my critical care skills in the ER (little changes in vent'd pt's before they go into ARDS or CHF). I love post cath/intervention pt's, pulling sheaths, dysrhythmias, external pacing, IABP's,PA catheters, etc. You don't have those pt's in the ER. But I started all the IV's in the ER & drew blood when I stuck for the IV so I got good @ that. I did trauma's which were an adrenalin rush; I did like acute MI's in the ER or flourid Pulmonary edema's that I would pull out of the car, wet, & barely breathing & get them taken care of in about 90 minutes they were sitting up wanting a snack & a cup of coffee!!!! My best friend works in our ER triage & trauma team, so I get to go see her. I recruited my other best buddie to come back to the ICU where her started 22 years before, since his "dragging people out of the cars days" are over after his anterior cervical fusion. So he is back in SICU @ my place. So it's your call! The world is your oyster, get some crackers & hot sauce & take a bite!!!!!! :kiss Don't feel like you can't change every few years, do a little of this & that. That is one reason why it's a good idea to float, so you know if you really want to be there. I would not mind being @ the ER where I work now, but not where I left, management was the PITTS!!! nuff sed!
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  6. by   PlanetCaroline
    In similar boat as kaligirl, except I am about to start an accelerated BSN program. Am considering going straight to ED, but don't want to be a menace there. Aside from certifications, would volunteering & shadowing provide any useful OJT?

    I am grateful that there are experienced ED nurses out there willing to give a leg up. Thanks.

  7. by   healingtouchRN
    yup, lots of legs up. Careful not to get wet! always happy for help.
  8. by   TinyNurse
    this is probably no help, but since i'm a new grad, i was at a career fair,
    it went like this.....
    "Hi I'm Jenni"
    "are you going for RN or lpn?"
    "I'm going for RN"
    "What kind of nursing are you interested in?"
    "Well that is the guy you need to talk to"
    ( points to the ER director)
    I said "hi, I'm Jenni, i'll graduate in June as an RN, i'm interested in working ER. I'd like to give you my resume!!!"
    ( i'm standing he looks at it)
    ( he notices that I already have acls)
    ( he notices that i worked as a waitress in pinellas county florida) he used to work in bayfront's ER.
    I got the job.
    He liked my initiative and drive to take acls as a student, is what I think most, as he said he did the same thing, as a student.

    I guess make a personal type of connection with the person, ER was my dream as a new grad, and OMG, I got it due to luck and a career fair at my college!!!!!

    I straight up told him,,,,,,,, "currently I bring hardly any skills to your er since i'm a new grad, but I will work from the ground up, nothing is too low for me to do, and I'd be proud to work as a part of your staff"

    Being new is hard, let them know you have drive and determination!
  9. by   ernurse1234
    yogi-i think that joining the emergency nurses association is definitely a smart move. if you go to the website, there are many books to read, but maybe start with a core curriculum so you can get familiar with the different procedures we do etc.. :d
  10. by   justrubl
    My name is Kerri and I am a Paramedic going through ASN to get my RN. I really want to work in the ER. I have had exposure to the floor and ICU through transfering patients and have absolutely no interest in any of those areas. From the time I received my paramedic I wanted to do ER nursing if i decided to go forward with it. 9 years later I am finally doing it. What are my chances of going straight through to the ER, I already have ACLS and can take PALS. Will my paramedic experience help me or will it make things more difficult for me?
  11. by   healingtouchRN
    you'll do just fine. I know lots of people with your background who came off the "streets" & went into ED directly. You'll find your focus will change from the pre-hospital "load & go" to a focus of longer stabilization to get them to the ICU or OR. More attention to infection control, because you have the arena for it. I know because I worked in the field in the 80's, & I did ED for a number of years, & ICU's as well. I also teach BTLS (what a great class). Do consider, once out of school & into your routine to take TNCC & ENPC. I believe it will broaden your horizons, also do a senior rotation or mentor program in an ED. I know they'd love to have ya!
  12. by   justrubl
    Thanks for the encouragement SUZ. Glad to know I am not the only one up cruizing the boards at 4:45 am!!!!!
  13. by   healingtouchRN
    yup, can't sleep. Debating preparing for class starting Friday, batheing the dog, or rading the fridge! Surfing is quieter & uses less energy. Still too dark to walk. I'll go when the kids head to school, safer that way.