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Hello all, I am graduating in December and I am going to take a position in an ER residency program. I have had conflicting advice about this, so I thought I would go to the source and ask... Read More

  1. by   gonzo1
    Just a thought but I would start with peds. The reason being, almost any ER you work in you will have ped patients. But you won't have a lot so you don't get a lot of practice. I work in a pretty big level 2 and all of us are scared to death of kids. It would be very beneficial to have a chance to get lots of kids experience that you could take with you where ever you go. We have one nurse that worked in a peds ER and all of us depend very heavily on her for help when we get peds patients. Not everyone has an opportunity to work in a peds ER. Our closest and only one is 40 miles away. So just my opinion but I would go with peds and get experience doing something that a lot of nurses don't get to do. After all the best way to learn spanish is to spend a year in Spain. Good luck in what ever you choose
  2. by   HRM672
    Thanks to everyone for all of the helpful replies. I shadowed at the level one ER and I have decided not to take that position. I will keep looking into the other options, but that was the major decision I had to make and I feel good about it.

    Thanks again!