How much should an Assistant patient care nurse manager in the emergency room make?

  1. I work as a staff nurse in the ER and I was recently offered a assistant patient care manager job. It is full time, no weekends or holidays and it is more money but I havent started to negotiate yet. They are going to call tomorrow 3/4 on monday. Does anyone have advice on how much I should be asking for? I have a little over seven years ER experience and I have been a charge nurse in the ER for most of those years. I will finish my BSN in may 2013. Im a loyal employee and do not have any violations in my file. I will not be getting OT if I take the job it is salary. Can anyone help?? Thanks
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    Can anyone help??
    Without knowing the salary range for that position at your hospital ... no, I don't think we can help. Do keep in mind that salaried first-line managers may indeed make less than their staff counterparts who significantly beef up their pay with OT.

    Good luck to you.