How is the CEN??

  1. Hi guys,

    I am studying for my CEN and am curious as to how hard the test is and what you did to study.

    Please help
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  3. by   rjflyn
    Its generally not that bad. Its just like any other license/certification test. One needs to learn the boards way of asking questions. The CEN board puts out a book with practice tests in it and it works pretty well at giving you there way of asking the questions. Once you get that its not that bad.

  4. by   Victoriakem
    There are a boat load of questions & at the end you can't really think. Study about eye problems & ortho too, because there are a lot of questions on those 2 items.
    Good Luck!
  5. by   squidnurse
    It was moderately and appropriately challenging. I'd second the recommendation to get a CEN review manual of some sort, preferably with a CD-Rom so you can take some practice exams on your home computer (which closely approximates the experience of the computer-based test). Also, see if the ENA in your area is offering any review courses; many times these are taught by people who wrote previous test questions and can give you insight on some of the test-taking tips, i.e. how to read the question. Your employer may reimburse you or even pay you for your time in the course, and there's CEUs, too.

    If you're looking for a book to study, find a copy of Sheehan's Emergency Nursing--that's a good resource. I'd also recommend finding a few other nurses interested in the exam to study with and send in your applications together (you get a $20 discount if four or more of you send it in the same envelope). This has the extra incentive of creating a "deadline" by which you must take the exam, which can be helpful if you have the same super power as I do: procrastination.

    Good fortune!