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  1. i have just finished reading a lot of the posts about nursing pay... makes me depressed - and i thought i was doing good! the hospital system i work for doesn't give charge diff's or weekend diff's (unless you've already worked more than 16 hours w/e in the pay period). they also don't pay diddely for holidays . . . is this the norm out there? when i worked home health, i got double time for visits on holidays (and plenty people chose to make visits on holidays!), and the previous hospital i worked for paid 1 1/2 time for holidays. i'm pool, and don't get any kind of raises until they change the "contract pay". really like my job, now - just changed from icu to er, but don't want to give my services away . . .but don't want to give my services away!!!
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  3. by   debbyed
    1. Shift Diff - $3 for 3-11, $4 for 11p-7a, $4 for 7p-7a

    2. Week-end - An addition $1.50 per hour worked during week-end hours

    3. After your scheduled 36 hours a week any additional 4 hour blocks picked up because the unit is short adds a bonus of $10/hr on top of any diffs paid.(Also on top of any overtime,over 40, hours)

    We are in a very competitive area with <10 hospitals with-in 1 1/2 hours drive time. Our hospital would also rather pay staff than pay agency. The hospital had also realized that many nurses were also doing agency hours elsewhere so they made it more desirable to stay here and do the extra hours.

    Almost forgot If you work holiday you get time and 1/2 plus any diff's and an additional 8 hours off with pay.