Help!!! Floor nurse applied for ED position - page 2

I have been a nurse for 6 years. Five years med/surg, one year same day surgery. I am yearning to be in a fast paced environment where I can learn and grow. I applied to our I am scared to... Read More

  1. by   mybrowneyedgirl
    I've seen many floor nurses do well in the ED. Congratulations!!
  2. by   JessiekRN
    I was a med surg RN for three and a half years- the ER is a different world but I am so glad I made the decision to transfer. While I'm truly grateful for the time I spent on the floor- and don't know how I would have done in the ED without it honestly, I learn something new in the ED every day- which wasn't something I could say about the floor after a while. It's a whole new way of thinking and prioritizing. Be patient with yourself while continuing to push yourself- I mean don't make excuses for yourself but recognize its a learning process. The organizational and assessment skills you needed as a floor nurse will serve you well. Good luck!!
  3. by   vroe83
    Congrats!! I hope you end up loving the ER, I definitely do. Just be prepared to feel overwhelmed at first, and don't be afraid to ask questions/ask for help from your co-workers! ER nurses are usually great at teamwork. Best of luck!!
  4. by   ReWritten
    Plenty of nurses move from the floor to the ER. I did and very thankful for my time on the floor. I learned about medications and prioritization, and got my assessment skills down. You will have an advantage over a new grad coming to the ER. Good luck!