Hello from Aussie Land

  1. Hi guys just wanted to say a quick hello, signed up here the other day! My name's Lauren, and I work in emerg. at one of the smaller hospitals in South Australia. Even though we're a smaller hospital, we still get the usual trauma's, arrests, paediatrics, which is good!

    I love working in emerg, wouldn't work anywhere else, just doesn't interest me at this stage, lol!

    Anyways, just wanted to say a quick hello!

    Hope to speak to some of you soon!
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  3. by   nursemary9
    GOOD MORNING and ;

    Hope you will enjoy coming to this site as much as I do!!

    I work in a Hospital, also--on a Med/Surg/Hematology/Oncology/Renal floor!! Plus we get all kinds of other Med Problems like Cellulitis and even some Surgical pt's. Yes, it's a bit of everything!! It's a very BUSY Floor & we generally stay full or near to.

    Our Hospital is a Level 1 Trauma Center--but we RARELY get trama pt's on this floor.

    Again, it's nice to meet you!!

    Mary Ann
  4. by   TouchstoneRN
    Hi Lauren, I too work in a small community ER. We get a wide variety of emergencies too....from a hang nail to Gun shot wounds. The variety is interesting and in a weird way fun!!!
    Have a great one
  5. by   uttrauma
    hey Lauren, I have never known anyone from the "down under". I'm new to this site also. Tell me about your ED. How long have you been an ED nurse?
  6. by   lozza81
    Hi guys, thanks for the welcome! I've worked in ED for 2 years now, and am in the middle, well should say have almost completed a certificate in emergency nursing. Our ED has 17 beds, including 2 resus beds, 11 of which have full cardiac monitoring. At the moment we are a public hospital which is privately owned but are in the process of going back to government permanently. Which is going to be very exciting, because we'll get a bigger department and some equipment that doesn't continually need repairing, lol! Although we aren't a major trauma centre, we still get really good traumas, gun shots, stabbings, MVA's, MBA's etc.

    I love working in emerg. as I love the adrenaline rush you get everytime a CAT 1 comes in. I love going to work everyday not knowing what to expect, not knowing what patients I'm going to look after, the different areas we can work, ie triage, resus, or general cubicles. I love all the people I work with, they're a fantastic group of nurses who very little get the thanks and appreciation we all deserve.