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  1. by   Anernurse2b
    Disclaimer: DO NOT attempt to use any of these terms in medical documentation. QA/QI and medical directors usually frown upon it. *Hyperlisteremia: *n. Condition in which unresponsive patient suffers from excessive amounts of ETOH on board in the form of mouth wash.*Bag-O-Meds:* n. Large plastic sack containing all of the meds a patient is currently taking or has taken in the past 10 years. Usually contains multiple prescriptions for the same medication from several doctors.*Paragod:* n. A paramedic who feels that they know everything there is to know about prehospital medicine and claim to be able to save any patient they contact.*Cell Phone Samaritan:* n. People who think they saw an accident as they drive by and call 9-1-1 to report it, but never stop to see if an accident actually happened or if an ambulance is necessary.*Famsycian:* n. Bystander (usually a family member on scene) who has determined the patient's condition prior to your arrival by consulting either the Time Life Home Medical Guide or WebMD.***EMT-P:* n. Expensive Medicare Taxi Provider*Paramadness:* n. Condition in which paramedics become delusional because they have been running without food, drink or restroom breaks for several hours, causing irritability and ill temperament.*Vitamin HEEYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!:* Street term for Narcan, inspired by the common side effect during drug administration when the patient bolts straight up on the stretcher and exclaims "HEEYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! What the #@%&! is going on?"*FACBP:* acronym. Fellow of the American College of Bystander Physicians.*HIPAAtitis:* n. Condition occurring when safeguarding PHI causes you to inflame your own liver!*Ejectstrication: *n. Self-extrication of driver or passenger of a vehicle that has been involved in a collision.*Ohmygod Squad:* n. A group of onlookers at any MVA, medical call or scene where anyone might be hurt. This group is usually in your way, making it virtually impossible to administer the proper care to your patient. Someone in this group will always walk up and ask you for information concerning the patient. Examples: "Who is it? What happened? Are they dead?"*Ecnalubma (ek na lub' ma):* n. A rescue vehicle that can only be seen in the rearview mirror.*W.N.L.:* acronym. Used to mean "Within Normal Limits," but after precepting and doing QA/QI with several providers in the past, now means "We Never Looked."*Proximity pain: *n. Discomfort that increases and is expressed more loudly as an EMT, triage nurse or doctor approaches, rapidly dies away as providers recede, and rapidly and loudly recurs when providers return. Rapid and effective relief is obtained when the patient can no longer see any medical personnel at all.T.A.B. Syndrome: n. A condition in which an EMTs bladder produces an urge to empty upon call tones (Tone Activated Bladder).*AAT (Advanced Accelerator Therapy):* n. That wonderful feeling of euphoria you get when you're screaming down the road with lights and sirens.*Acute Evaluation Syndrome: n.* Describes the condition of a patient sent to the hospital by a nursing home and the only reason given is "to be evaluated," usually for snoring respirations at 0300.*TVR: n.* Modified CPR administered on television shows . TVR is typically done using only the fingertips of one hand at a rate of 3 to 5 compressions per minute while an airway assistant squeezes only the bag during the repeated attempts to defibrillate asystole. (Note: The BVM must be attached to an unsecured ET tube.) Unlike CPR, TVR does not produce annoying deflection of the monitor's baseline. This keeps the viewer from wondering why on earth a doctor would shock a patient that wasn't flat line.*HONDA: acronym.* Hypertensive, Obese, Non-compliant, Diabetic Adult.*Cybershock: n.* A relatively common shock syndrome that effects EMS workers waiting on certification exam results. Usually occurs when checking NREMT website for exam results three times a day, every day, for two weeks, and the scores page actually appears. Depending on the result, the patient usually becomes catatonic momentarily, then erupts in either shouts of joy and elation, or moans of depression. Shouts of joy may be interrupted by wild gyrations, flailing of arms, and non-stop talking. This condition is usually benign and self-limiting; supportive care is all that is required. More importantly, massive supportive care is required for the patient that has a depressive form of this condition, as deep self-doubt may occur. Encouragement and friendly help with studying can do wonders. (See Mailbox-stalker shock.)*Manikin-American: n. *The politically correct term to refer to a dummy used for CPR practice.*Drama alert: n.* Any minor complaint that is exacerbated by numerous family members/friends believing it to be life-threatening (aka the infamous stubbed toe call). Usually results in having a hysterical patient on your hands.*Incarceritis: n*. Any complaint that mysteriously presents when the patient discovers they're about to be in custody.*Tachylordy: n*. A serious patient condition categorized by rapid (greater than 100 lordys/min) and repeated calls for intervention by a higher power. Can result in headache and shortness of breath. "Ohhhhh lordy, lordy, lordy, lordy, lordy, lordy." [Related: Bradylordy: n. A serious condition categorized by exceedingly slow (less than 40 lordys/min) and often loud calls for intervention by a higher power. "OHHHHHH looorrrrdddyy, looooorrrrrrddddyyyyy!!!!!!"]*Mister Gadget: n*. The EMT/paramedic/firefighter who just happens to own every piece of EMT/fire-related gadgetry available from Gall's catalogue. Mister Gadget can be beneficial in a multi-jurisdictional/multi-problematic event because he does possess all the equipment that would be necessary to run the Incident Command from his POV.*Justtookaclassitus (Just-took-a-class-i-tus): n*. A condition in which someone who has just taken a specialty class wants to implement everything from that class into his squad or department. Example: "Joe wants us to buy all new (expensive) Peds equipment, he must have caught JUSTOOKACLASSITUS in that PALS class."
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    TUBE....... totally unnecesary breast examination
  3. by   twistedpupchaser
    HONDA: How true.....
  4. by   amy
    BOAGYA= bend over and grab your ankles

    we use this as code for our doc rotation being crummy that day
  5. by   ratchetrn
    we put the bags down sometimes but it really sucks when they live and you gotta take the bag out from underneath them before they go upstairs!
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    Quote from Amber_student_nurse
    Hi Bethem

    Im in my second year of nursing, I do find most of these funny and have heard of these myself. Its just the ones about death that I find upseting, some of them are pretty sick. But each to their own and just know that in my nursing career I will not be using remarks like "dead does not know it" kind of jokes.
    Amber, I have 2 pieces of advice for you...

    If you find all of this "disgusting" stop reading it.

    Sign back on about 5 years after you are working as a real RN...
    We'll talk then.

    Walk a mile in my shoes, babygirl...
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    Anernurse2b that just made my day

  8. by   jillrn1966
    LOL ok we have the porch score....I was just sitting on my porch and minding my own bussiness.....fill in the blank...stabbing, gunshot wound, whatever! points for tattos missing teeth, beers consumed,and number of freinds hanging out with them. and...p&p...pregnant and puking! dont ya just love em!
  9. by   JessicRN
    When I worked in Texas the ambulances used to bring in patients coding but before they arrived they would say circling the drain(as in short down time has a chance) the other is SMURF meaning no chance of survival coming in to be pronounced
  10. by   KristyEDrn
    OMG...I LOVE the family pack/etc...that cracks me up! I just roll my eyes when 2 or 3 from the family come in! ESP when it is all different yeah, my son has this so I thought I'd get checked out for that...too funny
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    T&BB=Tylenol & a bye-bye

    Code S in room ________=Code Stupid/less than pleasant patient

    Sorry if these were repeats---I didn't read the entire thread.
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    In response to the pathetic suicide attempts and wanting to write a book... we could name it "Suicide For Dummies" Or "Suicide 101... Getting it right the first Time!"
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    Fluorescent Light Therapy- for those pt's who call the ambulance to pick them up for something stupid and who swear they absolutely cannot find a ride home, hoping that the hospital will come off with a FREE taxi voucher.

    Well, our hospital is very stingy with the taxi vouchers and rightly so...imagine!! So, we discharge them and send them to the waiting room for a little "fluorescent light therapy." It's amazing how effective that is for pt's...after a while they all seem to be able to find a ride home.