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A parent is suing. I'm not an ER nurse but I'm asking this here as ER nurses are likely to have seen some eye injuries, if not many. I worked at a busy camp for part of the summer. There... Read More

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    Quote from kitten79
    It is sad but true - some parents sue for whatever reason. I am not saying much since this is on a public board. FYI, if he had a corneal abrasion there would have been a foreign body sensation & scratchy sensation. The only way to check this would have been fluroscein dye illuminated by a blue light. Just FYI
    Don't forget EYE PAIN and tearing that accompanies a corneal abrasion.
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    I wouldn't worry too much about it. Mainly because when people start suing, they throw in every name possible to get as much money as possible. If you documented well, and you took the kid to the ED, then you did your job. Whatever the ED did from there is out of your control.
  3. by   Miriam57RN
    Quote from loricatus
    Don't forget EYE PAIN and tearing that accompanies a corneal abrasion.
    Yes, and he wasn't in pain. Discomfort and foreign body sensation immediately following the injury yes.. but not pain or ongoing pain. So I don't think there was a corneal abrasion unless he somehow re-injured the same eye causing an abrasion sometime after going home. But again, we've not even been told how his eye is at this point. It may be fully healed for all we know.

    I spoke to the associate director of the camp again. After looking over the documentation and log entries, he feels I don't have anything to worry about. And as far as the camp - it turns out the boys were supervised when this happened - they were in the playground in the presence of counselors (not the cabin as I originally thought). They went behind a structure (out of sight) when the altercation took place.

    I wonder how often this type of thing happens at schools... though there are consequences such as suspensions and such that limit this kind of activity on the grounds. My son used to tell me everything happened behind the teacher's back or when she stepped out. Middle School age, especially for boys, seems like a notorious time for fighting. Not that camps and schools shouldn't place extra efforts on avoiding fights from taking place in the first place, they should, but it's a bad age.

    Anyway, after talking to him again, it doesn't sound so bad - I'm not named, the camp is, which is being sued for negligence, and she might not have a good case even there. The camp staff there are a very dedicated and caring bunch... but oft overwhelmed. They took in many more kids this summer than they've previously taken in. Not sure why, but would have been an upper management decision.
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    I liked the way one of the ophthalmologists used to explain about corneal abrasions: the outer layer of cells fills in the abrasion quickly -like quicksand, but it takes a little while longer for everything to set up (as in cement). Good mental imagery for the patients to latch onto (even if they have never been stuck in real quicksand!)


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