ESI triage resource help

  1. I'm a brand new ER nurse and currently studying ESI. Are there any good resources or tip pages out there? I have the jist of what is appropriate for fast track vs the ED, but have trouble discerning between levels 2 and 3 at times...mostly what I think would be a level III ends up actually being a level 2 due to elevated VS...they are stable but have a HR of 115 or RR of 26.
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  3. by   A&OxNone
    I have always had a problem with those when doing the computer assessments. I always felt like what I would put a 3, they would put as a 2.

    I do think you are on track with the VS though.

    Do they offer explaination? That always helped me to read the rationale.
  4. by   Esme12
    The Agency for Healthcare Research and quality is a huge resource of many things

    Here are some really good triage things....... Handbook/dvd simple algorithm know one of these authors personally and she is brilliant!!!!!!!!!

    A pocket guide and app..... great pocket resource.

    When in doubt triage to the higher number.....the triage level is directly related to reimbursement!

    and how many resources will be used to care for this patient....lab x-ray...meds...IV will determine level 2.

    I hope this helps.....
  5. by   Anna Flaxis
    You can't really go wrong if you follow the algorithm, and when in doubt, triage up.

    Are they putting you in triage as a brand new ED RN?

    At my facility, RNs don't triage until they've been in the ED for one year and have passed the triage orientation course. In the meantime, you get experience with triage every time you take a medic in the back. If ever unsure, the Charge Nurse is a great resource.
  6. by   Medic2RN
    I called the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to request a copy of the "Emergency Severity Index, Version 4: Implementation Handbook". It also comes with a DVD.
    You can also request that they send you their research updates- it's very interesting.

    I forgot to's all free.