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  1. Hey there! I am going to be relocating to TN in a few months and was wondering if anyone could tell me some good ER's that I should look into. I will be living in Clarksville. Any advice is welcome. Thanks alot!!!
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  3. by   nursepotter05
    In Clarksville, there is Gateway, however I don't know how good it is. Many people from Clarksville work at Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt has a pediatric ER as well, if you are interested in that. Also in Nashville is Skyline, Summit, Cenntineal (these are all owned by Tri-Star), Baptist and St. Thomas are also in Nashville. Any of these are good ER's from what I have learned. I would recommend Vanderbilt, however I am biased!! Vanderbilt is also the only level one in the area. Hope you like living in Tennessee.