ER nurses too jaded?

  1. Does anyone else ever secretly worry about becoming too cynacle or jaded in this profession? I know we ER nurses have a reputation for our warped sense of humor and it's true that we 're not easily impressed with some of the so called emergencies we see. After a grueling day when I've vented (*****ed actually) about the moronic population of the er, I'll be driving home and this intense sense of guilt attacks me because of all the mean (and funny) things I've thought or said about my patients. I mean sometimes I think I got lost on the way to work and ended up on the set of Jerry Springer! Anyway, I have this concern that I was too judgemental, after all, is anyone really better than anyone else? If by the grace of God we are better off does that give anyone the right to look down on those who are not? I guess I'm fruatrated because most people can't be helped or won't be helped and that makes me feel inadaquate. Perhaps venting alleviates some of that, but I think nurses must be careful because our thoughts and words become who we are. My mom always quoted a Bible verse to me, "as a man thinketh, so is he." Don't know where it is found, but it sure is true. Does any one else relate?
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