ER Nurses. Read This! - page 9

After circling the drain with compassion fatigue, I stumbled upon this article that was published in the ACEP: read it and tell me you don't feel proud! Guest Editorial ACEP News September... Read More

  1. by   traveler51
    thank you for caring and noticing!
  2. by   Joy:)
    great article!!
  3. by   RHYNE
    You have described my life for the last 17 years. Thank you!
  4. by   sett
    Thanks for sharing! After a 2 year break I am returning to Emergency Nursing next week. Didn't realize just how much I missed it until I made the decision to return. I worked in Case Management for those two years, and while I enjoyed it, there is no place like the Emergency Room!:redpinkhe
  5. by   beccarner
    How to I e-mail this to myself and copy it. Is that permitted?
  6. by   NessEDRN
    feels really good to be recognized for the hard work we do day in and day out!!
  7. by   Footballnut
    Good to read this one again. Yes, we are all warped for life. How did I choose this? I have been doing it since 1975 so it must be the place.
  8. by   emjay86
    very very touching. (",)
  9. by   RN4911
    Thank you sooooo much! I had a rotten weekend and then had to deal with getting yelled at by some a** this am! I was doubting if I could keep on with this, but after reading this, I can!
    Thanks---I need to go print this and put it in my happy file at work!
  10. by   Ouch!
    Wow!! Thank you!! yelclap:
  11. by   MobileNurseSara
    This is wonderful - thanks for sharing!

    I'm going to print a few copies for the lounge.
  12. by   TexasER_RN
    4 am in the morning here...........found this posting on a short break......THANK YOU SO MUCH for reminding me why I am an ER nurse............posted this on our nurses station whiteboard and everyone loves it!!!!!!!!
  13. by   Nikole RN
    When Im in the middle of the craziest shifts ever, I wonder why I chose to work in the ER. But after reading this I realize I have got to witness some amazing things both good and bad and wouldnt trade them for the world. I have also got to work in the "trenches" with some amazing people and have bonded with many. Thanks for a great article and reminding all nurses and non-nurses what a great and enormous job we are doing and reminding "lay" people what a toll this profession can take on us personally.